Is Brave Browser safe in 2023 | Brave vs Chrome

Is Brave Browser safe

Adding robust features concerned with the Security and privacy of users. In addition to its privacy-focused features, Brave offers many customizable settings eventually establishing a streamlined browsing experience appealing for users. But Brave doesn’t stop there. Built-in Tor Private window provides users access to the anonymous web.

I have been using the Brave for two years. I am here to give you the overall experience as per my understanding. To make it more effective, I have broken it down into manageable sections to make you realize why I prefer the Brave browser over the other browsers in 2023.  You certainly will have the idea to the doubt Is Brave Browser safe in 2023?


Brave Browser

 Brave browser is built on the Chromium engine which offers similar speed and compatibility. It uses an open-source browser created by Brendan Eich, who is also the creator of Javascript Programming and co-founder of Mozilla. 

Brave Browser is designed to Prioritize users’ Privacy and security. Brave browser is as clean and forthright as possible.   There are features that can be seen in Brave making it more preferable by many users day by day.




Brave browser is an open-source browser where source code is freely available for anyone to inspect and audit to identify any potential security or privacy issues. 

Users can see exactly how the Browser works. The system is designed to be Transparent in all forms as compared to Chrome and Mozilla.


Sheild is a feature offered by Brave Browser to Protect users’ privacy and security. It is one of the features of the Browser that does a great job of filtering the unwanted track of users’ activities on the web.

Trackers and ad blocking: Brave browser’s ad blocker prevents ads from appearing on websites reducing the risk of malware infection. It enhances the browsing experience a lot faster and smoother operations 

Block fingerprinting: Some websites use fingerprinting attempts techniques to identify and track users across the internet. Brave browsers offer the adjustment to the user customizing as they require.

Block cookies: Brave browser allows users to control and prevent websites from tracking their online activities session through cookie control

Content filtering: Brave browser has a built-in content filtering system to protect users from unwanted ads, Tracking, and Malware. Users can make the filter lists as per their choice and understanding.

Is Brave Browser safe
Shield Setting


Private Window with Tor

    Private window with Tor enables users to navigate the deep web staying anonymous as much as possible.  It will encrypt your requests enhancing privacy.  Incognito private windows still can’t provide the same level of privacy to the users as Private windows with Tor offers even ISPs can’t detect the tracking of your visited resources. 

Tor network is decentralized networks making the attackers difficult to trace as there are relays of Nodes with layers of encryption on the data of the users. Again if you are not doing some fishy illegal stuff Tor is a great platform accessible with the Brave Browser. Hoping between the relays of nodes makes it slow in users’ experience which might be a concern to some users but as long as you are aware of the usability of it, you can have the features fully utilized as Brave Browers offers inbuilt on it.

Is Brave Browser safe
TOR architecture

Brave vs Chrome

 Both are the portals for the users responsible for communicating over the Network. They are application layers in the OSI model.

 Both Brave and Chrome have their individual purpose to offer the user. It all depends on the user’s understanding of browsing. Personally, after using Brave for more than 2 years. I can list out the parameters where Brave overshines Chrome. 


Speed and Performance

Brave claims to load pages up to three times faster than Chrome and uses less memory, which can result in a faster and smoother browsing experience. Brave is well-optimized for the browsing experience as by default there is less CPU usage during its operation.



Brave browser’s customizable settings are a powerful tool that enhances online security and provides a better browsing experience. We all are tired of the pop-up ads in between.  Social media blocking, Security shields, inbuilt Tor private windows, and Brave rewards are the key features it to grab the attention of any users to use it.

The features are rare to be seen in many popular browsers these days like Chrome, and Mozilla. These two parameters are enough to let alone opt for Brave browser over Chrome, especially in today’s online world where security is a primary concern. This is why I prefer Brave Browsers over the other browsers out there.

 Is Brave Browser safe, Are you still unsure?
  Let’s dig deeper into its best safe practices.


Best Practise for browsing the Internet

Tor and VPN

Both Tor and VPNs work to protect your online anonymity. Both have their downside as well also the use factor make a difference in opting between them.VPNs are the most secure choice if used properly. It provided Tunnel security between the client and server adding an extra layer of security. But why not use them in combination for best practice? Tor over VPN and VPN over Tor can be used for surfing the web but everything has its downside as well. Further learning more about the implementation, and downsides make sure to visit Surfshark’s blog.

Remember it drains the internet speed as it uses many filtering processes encrypting, decrypting hoping from relays of network nodes with anonymity. 


DOH in Brave Browser

Need to sort out things as DNS lookup – data captured from ISP as our privacy has been compromised. DNS over HTTPS always adds one more layer of security for the tracking of our data. The picture might help you figure out the option in Brave to make some adjustments to encrypt the DNS request even the man in the middle and ISP could not see. Hopefully, the article helps you provide valuable information and illustrate the explanation of why I prefer the Brave browser. A very good explanation of DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS has been given by Cloudflare. Do visit for a deep understanding of it.

Is Brave Browser safe


Internet privacy has been a bigger thing every day really we need to take basic precautions. We can always implement one more thing. Safe browsing is a necessity in these days and the age of the Digital world. Choosing the right browser to surf the internet always adds value to someone’s privacy. Balancing the performance with security has been the perfect blend of the Brave browser.

Remember nothing is 100 percent secure but being aware of the attacks and acting on it does not go to waste. Starting and implementing safe practices should be the main concern of the users.  Anyway, if you enjoyed reading this article and want to keep yourself updated, then make sure you leave comments and stay connected.







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