Is cloud hosting cheaper than VPS: VPS or cloud cost?

VPS vs Cloud Hosting: Which is Right for You ?

VPS and cloud hosting are two different types of web hosting that offer a variety of benefits, but they also have different price points. If you’re on a budget, you may be wondering which type of hosting is more affordable.

Before diving directly into Is cloud hosting is cheaper than VPS, you have to really understand these technologies as these can be confusing for beginners.

We’ll break down the key differences and help you decide with additional tips based on different factors.



VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. These create multiple virtual servers on a single physical server. These virtual servers have their own resources, such as Memory, storage, and processing power. VPS hosting is a good option for websites that need more resources than shared hosting but also don’t need the full power of a dedicated server.

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that uses a network of interconnected servers that provide resources to customers. Cloud hosting is a good option for websites that need scalability and reliability.

Feature VPS hosting Cloud hosting
Infrastructure Single physical server network of interconnected servers
Resources Dedicated Scalable
Scalability Limited unlimited
Reliability Good Excellent

These are the comparison of their features in a nutshell. 

Now, let’s dive into the main sections; Is cloud hosting cheaper than VPS?


Is cloud hosting cheaper than VPS (VPS VS. CLOUD COST )

Cloud hosting is generally more expensive than VPS in comparison. This is because VPS hosting uses a single physical server to create multiple virtual servers, which is more efficient than using interconnected servers for each customer. VPS hosting is less resource-intensive. This means if you are running a small website or blog, and you do not need a lot of resources, then VPS is a good option. Cloud hosting providers, on the other hand also typically charge based on usage.

These are some of the providers’ basic cost comparisons between these two.


Provider VPS hosting Cloud hosting
Vultr Starting at $2.50/month Starting at $5/month
DigitalOcean Starting at $5/month Starting at $5/month
Linode Starting at $5/month Starting at $10/month


These are the additional tips based on the following factors

Consider your needs: Based on your traffic, and performance of your websites. 

Read reviews: Always read reviews of their service before making your decisions.

Compare prices: Be sure to compare their prices from different providers.


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With that being said, even though VPS hosting is more cost-effective than cloud hosting, there are several reasons why cloud hosting should still be considered.

Is cloud hosting cheaper than VPS


Cloud hosting is more scalable. This means you can easily add or remove resources as needed, depending on your traffic levels.


Cloud hosting is more reliable than VPS hosting because it spreads your website across multiple servers. If one server goes down, your website can still be served from another server. With VPS hosting, your website is only hosted on one server, so if that server goes down, your website will also go down.


Cloud hosting can perform better than VPS hosting because it spreads your website’s workload across multiple servers. This can lead to faster loading times and a better overall experience for your visitors.


Cloud hosting providers have the resources to invest in the latest security technologies and practices.


VPS vs Cloud vs Dedicated

A dedicated server is a physical machine that is leased to a single customer where the customer has complete control over the server. It includes operating systems and applications. The control, scalability, security, and performance are way better in a dedicated server as compared to VPS. The VPS only wins in less expensive consideration.

Dedicated servers are a better option for businesses that have high-traffic websites that require high resources in real time. These websites need a high level of security and control over their hosting environment in general. These make them the most expensive type of web hosting out of VPS and Cloud hosting. The performance, security, and control are more on the dedicated server than cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is less expensive and more scalable than a dedicated server.




Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure













Overall, VPS hosting is generally more affordable than cloud hosting. The best way to choose between VPS and cloud hosting is to consider your specific needs and budget. It really depends on your specific needs so you need to be very clear before even considering any of the hosting providers.

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Cloud hosting is generally more expensive than VPS in comparison.

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