How safe is the telegram cloud storage in 2024?

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Really in 2024, Do people even use Telegram cloud storage?  Honestly, I would not even say Telegram is cloud storage at all.  Yes, we can store some files, and media in it but should we? Most asked questions really” How safe is the telegram cloud storage in 2024 ?” need some rational points to get the picture.

 Before making decisions only based on a few understandings also you effectively get confused therefore you need to understand the actual use of Telegram.


What is Telegram?

Telegram is an Instant messaging service. It is a messenger service that has over 700 million active users worldwide. Telegram is still one of the most popular messaging services in 2024.  It is powerful and secure, offering encrypted chats. However, users manually need to create a secret chat to enable E2EE

 With some settings adjustments, it would be safer to use for messaging purposes.

What makes Telegram different from other services?

Allowing groups of up to 200,000 people at once is one of its key features besides letting users create a channel for sharing content in it. The features mostly are not available in most Services out there. Yes, we can store media files in it as well. The suggestion for it is not to rely completely on it. Store files and media which are insensitive to you in case of leakage.

 We don’t need the phone number just to add and connect in Telegram like WhatsApp. We can have the option to connect with each other via username.


Why not rely on Telegram for the storage part?

The Questions must genuinely need to be answered. 

It’s important to note that skipping too much can lead to missing important details or nuances. Let’s go step by step for it before understanding the points. Despite not knowing what cloud storage is, some people use Telegram as their primary cloud storage. I’m just trying to explain what cloud storage has to offer; after that, it’s up to you to decide which one they want to use. 


What is Cloud storage?

The internet’s network of remote servers and services is referred to by the term “cloud.” In a nutshell, when we talk about cloud storage, “cloud” refers to the Internet. Typically, when you upload a document to cloud storage, the service provider encrypts it to prevent unauthorized access and stores it in multiple locations to guarantee redundancy and availability. You can access your documents by logging in to your account on the cloud storage provider’s website or by using the provider’s desktop or mobile app.

Cloud storage providers offer various services and features from upload/Download speed, encryption, and recovery options, to storage based on the price and plans. Most of the features as recovery options and proper Bandwidth speed to Zero knowledge encryption(when uploaded from the system data are encrypted and is stored in the cloud in the same format making it difficult to decrypt at all by attackers) are not included in Telegram at all. Below are the listed topmost cloud storage available in the 2024 market.

What are the best cloud storage in 2024?

Some of the popular based on the market analysis include:

Based on plans, pricing, upload/download speed, recovery options, Versioning, encryption


Cloud Storage Service Plans and Pricing Upload/Download Speed Versioning Encryption
pCloud Offers lifetime plans and competitive pricing Fast upload and download speeds File versioning available Provides client-side encryption
iDrive   Offers 10TB of storage for $3.98 per year Fast upload and download speeds File versioning available Provides end-to-end encryption
onedrive Offers various plans for individuals, families, and businesses Slow download speed compared to others File versioning available Provides encryption at rest and in transit
Google Drive Offers various plans with generous free storage Fast upload speed File versioning available Provides encryption at rest and in transit
Dropbox Offers limited free storage and paid plans Fast download speed File versioning available Provides encryption at rest and in transit

It is a big task in itself just to select the right Cloud Storage provider in the market. To get clarity on finding the best for you and your organization do check out cloudindustryforum and get the picture.


Is cloud storage safe?

Although cloud storage services are generally secure, this emphasizes the significance of selecting the appropriate cloud storage provider once more. All of the cloud storage services store your files on encrypted cloud servers. 

However, safeguarding data on your end is just as important. This can be accomplished by not connecting to public Wi-Fi and regularly changing your passwords. These are the regular cybersecurity practices to ensure safety. The need for cybersecurity has been increasingly in demand especially when our digital assets are on the line.


To sum up, the article’s best Recommendation is not to share your sensitive data in Telegram at all to minimize the possible risk but it can be used as a temporary media file storage to save space for our driver. There are better options available to use for free which offer better cloud storage features than Telegram which I already mentioned above. Also, cybersecurity practices are much needed in today’s world to evolve oneself with the evolving technology. Being aware of the possible threats needs action to mitigate. Did you get the justified answers to the question ” How safe is the telegram cloud storage in 2024″, I hope you did. 

Anyway, if you enjoyed reading this article and want to keep yourself updated, then make sure you leave comments and stay connected.



From the expert's recommendations around the community. Telegram is not safe for cloud storage of primary files use also at the same time could be used as storage for temporary unimportant files.

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