Samsung offline finding safe: Samsung Find My Mobile

samsung offline finding safe

As a Networking student and enthusiast, I have always been fascinated with the new technology and how it has been improved on a day-to-day basis. There has always been my genuine curiosity about how the thing functions the way it functions. I really like to dig as deep as possible into the working mechanism of the technology as a whole.
I have come across Mesh networking Terminology a lot during my CompTIA and CCNA studies. Lately, I have discovered the feature Samsung Galaxy offers i.e. Samsung Service “Find My Mobile” basically known as “Samsung offline finding safe” work and creating the same Mesh Topology.

I was drawn to the feature offers and the service customers get. It’s quite fascinating to know that technology has become more and more advanced these days. As a tech enthusiast, have to dig deeper for its working mechanism to get the proper idea.
Before diving into it straight, You need to have a basic understanding of it.


Samsung offline finding safe Feature

Samsung Service Find My Mobile  lets you track your phone even if it does not have wifi or data (cellular)  internet connection which is Similar to Apple’s “Find My service.


Requirement setting on Samsung Galaxy

  1. Need to have a Samsung Account set up
  2. Enable Samsung offline mode enabled
  3. The receiving Galaxy device needs to have the same compatible feature enabled.

Samsung support really beautifully guides how to set up in steps. Read the original post at: 

Find My Mobile let it sync with your lost phone logged-in Gmail Account inside your Samsung Account   and Find My Mobile  Server

Samsung offline finding safe                                                                                   Source: Digital Information World


                                                        I have broken down the scenario into two sections.


#Scenario 1:


When the lost phone has internet connectivity either from Internet wifi or Cellular network.

Access the website

Perform the action.

 -Lock ( It won’t let  your device power off)


 -Erase Data


 -Retrieve calls/messages


 -Extend Battery life

 -Set guardians

 -Track Location 


Based on your situation, options are available to be performed 

I am interested more in #scenario 2 where the challenge is. This is where the offline features come into action.

#senario 2: No sim card , No internet access 


I’ve already emphasized the importance of the Lock option, which ensures the smartphone remains active and powered on continuously. Whenever the lost phone has internet access, if feasible, please employ this option to maximize the chances of locating it. It really needs to make Samsung’s offline feature function. 

I have summarized the working technology flow and highlighted the important ones here. Have a proper look into this thoroughly, surely you will have an idea of it.  

Elaborating the #scenario 2


How do you find a lost Samsung phone that is turned off?

The offline features need nearby Samsung devices to receive the emitting signals from the “Samsung offline enable” device which is our lost phone in this very situation. 

Both devices have the offline tracking feature enabled to establish a form of communication even when they are not connected to the internet. It shares location data.

   Don’t be confused about how they could share the location with each other even with no internet access. 

– Samsung uses a combination of technologies and strategies. Samsung uses Ultra-wideband technology (UWB) and Bluetooth Connectivity.

The technology creates a Mesh network, where they relay information among each other, effectively expanding the coverage of offline tracking.

-Other Samsung devices in the Mesh Network can pick up these signals and store the location data until they connect to the internet. Once connected, they can upload the accumulated location data to a central server, allowing you to access the information.

 The upload part is automatically done whenever the receiving Samsung device is connected to the internet without requiring manual intervention.

Remember when switched off, the best chance you have is the last tracked location.

 I have previously discussed Knox security in my previous blog, Samsung provides safeguards to your personal data.



Improving the Samsung ecosystem significantly contributes to enhancing users’ daily experiences. Gaining a fundamental grasp of how to utilize technology is equally important. This understanding offers users clarity and assists developers and innovators in charting a promising future course. I aid in highlighting the aspects I appreciate and understand through my research, aiming to provide global readers with a clear understanding. Adding up the Samsung offline finding safe features really enhances the ecosystem of Samsung devices.

 Anyway, if you enjoyed reading this article and want to keep yourself updated, then make sure you leave comments and stay connected.





It is recommended which can help you locate you device in no internet scenario which i have briefly discussed in #sceanrio 2.


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